5 a day

Five portions of fruit and vegetables every day! This is the simple rule at the heart of the 5 A DAY campaign. But in all honesty, have you already had your five portions of fruit and vegetables today? The idea is not only that fruit and vegetables taste good and have something to please every taste. More important, people who consume five portions a day provide their bodies with vitamins, minerals, fibre and secondary plant compounds, sometimes referred to as bioactive compounds or phytonutrients. These include flavonoids, carotenoids, glycosinolates and sulphides, all of which have a positive effect on health and help to support the immune system. Furthermore, fruit and vegetables can offer protection against so-called lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure and cardiovascular conditions.

The organisation behind the 5 A DAY campaign in Germany is 5 am Tag e.V., which represents a network of more than 100 members from the health sector, businesses and research.

We are actively involved in promoting the consumption of fruit and vegetables. For example, as part of many of its offers, BEHR AG informs consumers about the core messages of the 5 A DAY campaign, highlighting the relationship between a balanced diet and good health. In this way, the company helps to raise awareness of the healthy eating programme.


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