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Recipes from the Behr Kitchen

Battered Brussel Sprouts with a Cress Dip
Ingredients for 4 people
500 g Brussel sprouts, trimmed
3 eggs (separated)
250 ml wine, white
1 tsp. salt
250 g flour
Pepper, nutmeg
Frying fat
1 box of cress
2 eggs, hard boiled
250 g quark
150 g yoghurt
100 g cream

Wash, trim and blanch the Brussel sprouts. Separate the 3 eggs and mix the egg yolks with white wine, salt, flour, pepper and nutmeg to form a batter. Beat the egg whites and fold in.
For the dip, take the cress out of the tray and chop finely. Do the same with the hard boiled eggs. Blend the cress and eggs with cream, yoghurt and quark and season with salt and pepper.
Now, sprinkle the florets with flour, use a fork to coat them in the wine batter and fry until golden-brown. Serve the Brussel sprouts with the dip.
Preparation time
45 Min.