Fresh from the fields.

Recipes from the Behr Kitchen

Veggie Burger
Ingredients for 4 people
4 medium potatoes
1 parsnip
2 carrots
1/4 broccoli
1 courgette
2 spring onions
3 radishes
4 lettuce leaves
3 eggs
Salt, pepper
1 tbsp. honey
Burger sauce / ketchup
4 hamburger buns

For the vegetable patties, cut the potatoes into very small pieces and cook for 5–10 minutes until they are nice and soft. Finely shred the parsnips, one carrot and ½ the courgette with a kitchen grater. Cut the broccoli and spring onion into small pieces. Combine all the ingredients together with the eggs and season with salt and pepper to taste. Heat the oil in a frying pan. When the oil is hot enough, put ¼ of the vegetable mass into the pan and press flat to form a patty.
For the vegetable strips, cut the other half of the courgettes and one carrot into fine slices. Mix the honey with about 3 tbsp. oil, salt and pepper and roll the courgette and carrot strips in it. Then, fry the vegetable strips in the pan.
Meanwhile, cut one spring onion and the radishes into fine strips.
Then, halve the hamburger buns and fill with lettuce, veggie patties, burger sauce, fried courgette and carrot strips, spring onions and radishes.
Preparation time
0 Min.