What we stand for:


The BEHR family company is managed today by its fourth generation in the person of Rudolf Behr. He has his roots in a small market gardening business in Rosenweide, half an hour’s drive south of Hamburg. Vegetables were grown outdoors here as long ago as 1882, then loaded onto a barge and shipped across the River Elbe to the wholesale market in Hamburg, where they were sold. In 1983, Rudolf Behr succeeded his father at the head of the business. 

Family company in its fourth generation

In the years that followed, the company developed and grew, especially since the launch of new lettuce and vegetable varieties. In the 1980s, BEHR successfully introduced the iceberg lettuce to the German market, and a few years later romaine hearts. Today, BEHR AG counts among Germany’s biggest lettuce producers and has production sites in other European countries. At heart, however, we are still very much a family business. Our combination of down-to-earth approach and innovation are still very much a tradition here at BEHR.


1900 - Founding familiy Behr
1958 - Vegetable farm Behr, Rosenweide
2011 - Fair stand BEHR, Fruit Logistica Berlin