What we stand for:


For four generations now, the name of BEHR has stood for first-class vegetables and a relationship of trust and cooperation with our customers. We aim to offer the consumer vegetables that look and taste excellent. Keeping our customers satisfied with the products and services we deliver is our highest goal, a goal we take pleasure in working hard to achieve. We strive to supply products of the same high standard of quality in the summer and winter half-year.

Quality and Safety Are All-Important

Thanks to our sites in Spain, we are in a position to supply our customers with fresh vegetables all year round – even in the winter. At all of our sites throughout Europe, we guarantee that our vegetables are grown out of doors and to the strictest cultivation guidelines. We vouch for the punctual delivery of crisp lettuces and fresh vegetables. Regular, independent quality controls are carried out in the field both during the growing period and harvesting, and also in the processing and packaging hall, and during transport of the packaged product. BEHR AG has voluntarily committed to satisfying not only the usual quality standards but also the UNECE standards, which place high demands on the quality of products.

Quality with Safety