What we stand for:


At BEHR, innovations are a key factor in the success of our work. This is equally true of our sustainable growing and harvesting methods as it is of our discovery, development and market launch of new lettuce and vegetable varieties.
BEHR has been extremely successful in this particular area for many years and is constantly coming up with new, innovative products to offer its customers.

Innovations in market gardening

Until the 1980s, iceberg lettuce was known practically only in the United States. Then BEHR had an ingenious idea that made it popular in Germany. Instead of delivering the lettuce to customers unwrapped, as usual, we film-wrapped it. A few years later, we turned romaine hearts into a success story and today they are among the most popular lettuces in Germany. Our latest product innovation is SalaRico®, a lettuce that’s as crisp and crunchy as iceberg and as aromatic as romaine. It was “born” in the fields of Northern Germany and has already found its way into the hearts of lettuce connoisseurs.

Quality with Safety