What we stand for:

A Down-to-Earth Approach

As market gardeners, we work with and at the heart of nature every day; we have a responsibility towards nature. That is why we use sustainable, economic and ecological work methods and act on commitment to social responsibility at all of our sites, both in Germany and abroad. Cultivating a relationship of cooperation, trust, honesty and respect with our customers and partners is a matter of prime importance to us. That is why we began working with a regular supplier base several years ago. Many of our employees have also worked for our company for a very long time. That goes for our seasonal workers, too, who often come to our various European production sites year after year and have become indispensable to us as skilled workers.

Practising sustainability with nature in mind

Healthy soil is a basic prerequisite for top-quality vegetables. That’s why we operate a rotation system at all of our production sites. This means we don’t take too much out of the soil, which also means we don’t need to fertilise it as often, either. As a family enterprise, we see practising sustainability not as a slogan, but as a principle by which we live each and every day – and as a commitment to future generations.

Quality with Safety