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SalaRico® is a lettuce creation, which combines crispness of iceberg lettuce with the flavour of romaine lettuce. SalaRico® can be combined in a lot of variations and also tastes great just on its own. It’s a real eye-catcher, too, thanks to its fresh, light green colour. All of this makes SalaRico® to the ideal lettuce for daily salads and party buffets alike. It’s quite simply a taste sensation!

To grow quality lettuce, you need quality soil. The combination of maritime climate and heavy soils makes Northern Germany to an excellent place to grow vegetables and lettuces.
A field covering roughly 15 hectares near Ohlendorf in Seevetal (Lower Saxony) is the “birthplace” of SalaRico®. Here, in the rich soils of the marshs and heaths and under the expert supervision of BEHR GemüseGarten, SalaRico® has truly flourished. Today, we grow it for you all year round.

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SalaRico®’s relatively firm, dry, ribbed structure renders the lettuce resistant to the effects of frost, rain and other inclement weather. This useful attribute means that the lettuce does not turn brown, and instead retains its fresh, light green colour, even when cut.

Recipe suggestion: Fruity SalaRico Salad

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