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The more compact, rounded, well-structured and heavier a head of cauliflower, the better it tastes. Quality is generally poorer in flat heads with widely spread florets and oversized heads.

One very important factor in obtaining good quality is the choice of a suitable site. Light to heavy clay soils not only produce the best qualities, but the cauliflower also tastes better and keeps considerably longer, too.

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Store freshly picked cauliflower with the leaves still attached in a cool and well ventilated place if possible, preferably in the salad drawer of your fridge. If the cauliflower is to be cooked whole, we recommend making a cross-cut in the stalk, to ensure that both stalk and florets are ready to eat at the same time. A little milk or lemon juice in the cooking water keeps the cauliflower white and a knob of butter enhances the flavour.

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