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The courgette belongs to the cucurbit family, which well-known vegetable plants such as cucumbers and pumpkins, as well as fruit vegetables such as melons belong to. The name zucchini (courgette) is derived from the Italian diminutive form for pumpkin (zucca). The courgette is similar in shape to cucumbers. The fruits must be harvested young, so that they do not yet contain pips and are not yet woody.

Like all cucurbits, courgettes need enough warmth to be able to grow sufficiently. Light locations with good water flow are suitable for cultivation. Especially in the summer, adequate irrigation must be ensured. It is important that the courgettes are harvested in time. The fruits are still unripe at this time, but later tend to form pips. This greatly limits the use of the fruits. If the fruits stay on the plant, they prevent further fruits forming, so that the harvest ultimately has to be interrupted.

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Courgettes should not be stored in the vicinity of so-called climacteric fruits, such as apples, bananas and tomatoes, as they accelerate the deterioration of the courgettes.

Courgettes are a delight both raw and cooked - in the pan, pot, grill or steamer. Courgettes also taste great when briefly sautéed and then preserved in oil, as antipasti. Even the flowers are used in the experimental kitchen.

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