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Pointed cabbage

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Pointed cabbage belongs to the group of round cabbages. It is a special variety of white cabbage with elongated leaves, which form the typically conical to pointed shape of the overall head. The individual heads are much more compact and loosely layered inside the head than conventional white cabbage. The taste of pointed cabbage is milder and more delicate than that of white cabbage.

Both white cabbage and pointed cabbage probably originate from wild cabbage, which has its home in the Mediterranean and along the western coasts of Europe. Different types of head cabbage have been known since the 8th century.



With a maturity period of around 50 days, pointed cabbage is one of the early brassicas and can already be harvested in Germany from May onwards. As an early cabbage variety harvested when young, pointed cabbage copes with the lighter North German locations admirably.

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As the leaves of the pointed cabbage are more delicate, it needs less cooking time than the leaves of white cabbage.

Pointed cabbage is also often used in wok dishes in Asian cuisine. In German cuisine, pointed cabbage is popular in a variety of dishes such as stews and casseroles, stuffed cabbage or also simply quick fried or cooked as a vegetable side dish. Even used raw in salads, pointed cabbage makes a tasty appearance on the plate.

Pointed cabbage is not suitable for long storage. It should be eaten fresh or stored for a few days in the refrigerator before finding its way onto your plate.

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