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Salsify is becoming increasingly popular as a winter vegetable. BEHR GemüseGarten harvests it for you from the middle of October well into March.

North Germany’s maritime climate provides ideal conditions for growing salsify. Sandy soil that’s completely free of stones is essential for excellent quality. The soil must be dug deep and loosened to allow the roots to grow straight and unbranched, and to a length of about 30 cm. The roots are embedded deep in the soil and have to be loosened by means of a special technique before they can be extracted intact.

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Salsify, often referred to as ‘winter asparagus’ on account of a certain resemblance to the spring vegetable, can be prepared in a number of ways. Attention should be paid when preparing it to peel the roots under running water, so that the sticky white substance they exude when cut is washed away immediately. The subtle, unique flavour of fresh salsify amply compensates for its rather laborious preparation.

Recipe suggestion: Roasted Black Salsify

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