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Our SalaFleur is a mixture of young harvested individual leaves from a variety of different lettuces, enriched with delicate, edible blossoms.

The salad can be mixed in various ratios from the individual crops available. We currently have the following types: red and green Batavia lettuce, mizuna as well as red and green pak choi. The taste of the different kinds of lettuce ranges from mild and nutty to a hint of mustard. The mixture offers a huge variety of well-balanced flavours.

We add delicate, edible petals to SalaFleur for accents that are not only visually appealing but also flavoursome. Here we use small horned violets. Horned violets are also known as a food for flavouring vinegar and candying. They are a delicious addition to SalaFleur.

Baby leaf lettuces are sown in the field and are ready for harvesting around 3 to 5 weeks later. Since the varieties in SalaFleur have different growing times, they are sown separately and at different times so that all varieties can be harvested together.

All cultures are cut when harvested and then sprayed with a little water to keep them fresh. We do not put the individual leaves of our SalaFleur through an intensive washing process as this can cause the substances to escape out of the leaves, which would make them softer and more sensitive.
Our SalaFleur is therefore only kitchen-ready and not ready to eat. Washing SalaFleur right before preparation keeps the loss of valuable substances to a minimum.

The violas are planted in fields early in the spring. The blossoms are picked by hand and are added to the SalaFleur product as desired.

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SalaFleur is kitchen-ready and only needs to be washed – done.

The colourful leaves and very different mix of tastes make our SalaFleur the perfect all-round solution. Simply dress with a little oil and vinegar – there’s no need for anything else!

Use SalaFleur as quickly as possible after purchasing. It is best stored in the vegetable drawer of the fridge should you want to store it for a little while.

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