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Rocket is often listed as a lettuce, but botanically it belongs to the cabbage family  (brassicaceae). Rocket immediately makes us think of Italy and the Mediterranean lifestyle, even though the vegetable originated in Northern Europe. In featured on the menu in ancient Germania as “hedge mustard”. The Romans took the plant to Italy, but over the past few years it has experienced a remarkable renaissance, which began in Italy and has brought it back to the north.

Two varieties are marketed under the term “rocket” today: salad rocket, which has large leaves, and wild rocket, which has narrow leaves and is regarded as the genuine rocket. BEHR GemüseGarten only grows the wild rocket variety. Admittedly, the yield is not as high with this type, but the flavour is far more aromatic. Our rocket is planted all year round and harvested only by hand. This method is more labour intensive, but hand-picking means individual leaves can be carefully sorted, and that means good quality.

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It’s easy to prepare a salad from rocket only, or by combining it with other leaf lettuces, such as endive, round, romaine and iceberg lettuce.

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