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Romaine lettuce

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The colour of the heart leaves is always a deep golden yellow that contrasts attractively with the dark green outside leaves. The heart is loosely filled. The flavour is sweet, with a distinct nutty note. Its nutritional value is similar to that of round lettuce. The tender inside leaves, in particular, are used fresh for salads, but can also be steamed as a vegetable. The cooked leaf ribs are reminiscent of asparagus.

The plants thrive very well on a lighter type of soil and in a moderate climate, since romaine hearts lettuce does not respond well to extreme temperature fluctuations. Only the central heart is harvested, since the outside leaves are very hard and tough.

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If it is stored properly, romaine lettuce will stay fresh and retain its vitamins for several days. Keep it in the salad drawer of the fridge. To protect the lettuce from dry cold, you should put it in a plastic bag suitable for foodstuffs and prick holes in it (using a fork, for example). Romaine lettuce is the main ingredient in Caesar salad, the classic American salad.

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