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Purple radishes

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The typical, sharp taste of purple radishes actually arises when the surface of the bulb is broken, for example, through processing or biting, as mustard oil is produced from the mustard oil glycosides contained in the plant.

Nutrient-rich soils, adequate irrigation and timely harvesting are the basic requirements for a good bulb quality and taste.

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Purple radishes are mainly eaten raw. They are the traditional snack variant among the radish family, enjoyed when refined with a little butter and salt. But also as an ingredient, for example, in salads or dips, purple radishes with their spicy seasoning are very welcome!

Purple radishes should be consumed fresh. If you want to store them in the refrigerator for a few days, it is best to completely remove the leaves and wrap the bulbs in a moist cloth or keep them in an air and watertight container.

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