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Parsley root

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Parsley root belongs to the umbellifer family, whose members enjoy significance worldwide as medicinal plants (e.g. fennel), aromatic herbs (e.g. dill, caraway) and also as vegetables (e.g. carrots, celery). The parsley root itself is believed to come from the Mediterranean region and has been known there since ancient times as a seasoning and medicinal plant. Parsley was considered holy by the Egyptians and the Greeks, which emphasises the significance of the plant. The Romans brought the plant to Central Europe, where it has been purposely cultivated since the time of Charlemagne. The succulent root is approx. 20 cm long, coloured light yellow on the outside and white on the inside.

Today, parsley is cultivated worldwide. Parsley root requires deep soil and a balanced supply of water. Cultivation must take place as part of a wider crop rotation system, as parsley is not sustainable alone. Cultivation in North Germany offers ideal prerequisites: the light soil can be tilled to great depth without causing damage to the structure of the earth. Furthermore, sufficient space is available to ensure adherence to the wider crop rotation system. Sowing takes place in April and harvest is from late summer to autumn. Parsley root is well suited to storage. Freshly prepared products are continually available, usually from September to the April of the following year.

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Parsley root has a tangy taste, reminiscent of parsnips but more intense, with clear parsley tones.

The tasty head must be peeled before preparation and is used primarily in soups and stews. It also tastes delicious when grated, as a raw vegetable salad or cooked as a vegetable side dish, for example with meat dishes or even pureed as a cream soup or as parsley root puree. The parsley root leaves can be used in the same way as flat-leaf parsley.

Tip: the root heads can be cut off and the cut end set on a plate with a little water. After a short time, the roots re-grow and the tender leaves can be used freshly in the kitchen. Parsley root should feel firm when purchased.

Parsley root keeps for around 2 weeks in the vegetable drawer of the fridge.

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