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Before the potato was introduced to Europe, parsnips played a similar role as a staple in people’s diets. Parsnips look rather like carrots, but are white in colour and have a sweeter, more aromatic flavour.

Parsnips are sown straight into the ground. They favour a light, loose, well-prepared soil that has been deeply dug. The countryside bordering North Germany’s rivers ideally meets these demands. This also happens to be where we grow our BEHR GemüseGarten parsnips.

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To prepare, wash and scrape the parsnips, or clean them with a vegetable scrubber. Then drizzle some lemon juice over the chopped parsnips to prevent discoloration, which looks unappetising. Parsnips are prepared in the same way as carrots and salsify. They can also be frittered or served as a purée and taste good raw, for example grated as a salad.

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