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Wok Choi® (Mini-Pak Choi)

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Pak Choi, like Chinese cabbage, comes from South-East Asia and features broad, succulent leaf veins. The leaves are darker, flat and glossy. There are different types, differing primarily in their shape. Our speciality is a green Pak Choi with a compact, rose-shaped composition. The leaf stalks are lighter and, together with the leaves, form a harmonious overall picture. Pak Choi is low in calories and can be served raw or steamed. The lightly nutty flavour of Pak Choi has a hint of mustard and is similar to that of Chinese cabbage but is milder overall.

Pak Choi is cultivated on a vast scale in its original homeland of South-East Asia. In Europe, cultivation in the Netherlands plays an important role as a consequence of the high proportion of Asians within the population. Pak Choi likes warmth and for this reason it is primarily cultivated under cover. During the summer, Pak Choi can also be cultivated outdoors. Cultivation in North Germany is therefore recommended because of the balanced, mild climate. This also applies in particular to the transition seasons in spring and autumn.

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Mini Pak Choi only requires brief washing and can be consumed raw or steamed as a warm vegetable side dish.

Gently chilled and best wrapped in a damp towel, Pak Choi can be kept for around 5 days. Best used however as fresh as possible as valuable content is lost with each day of storage. Pak Choi cannot be frozen; it is too delicate.

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