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Mini romaine lettuce

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Mini romaine lettuce is the perfect miniature version of the ordinary romaine lettuce. It is sold as ready-to-eat lettuce hearts. The inner heart leaves are always a deep golden yellow that contrasts attractively with the dark green outer leaves. The heart is loosely filled and the flavour is sweet, with a strong nutty note. The nutritional value of romaine hearts is similar to that of round lettuce.

Only very few varieties with the romaine’s typical qualities are available for cultivation as hearts. The plants thrive very well on a lighter type of soil and in a moderate climate, since romaine does not respond well to extreme temperature fluctuations. BEHR GemüseGarten also supplies organically grown mini romaine lettuce .

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Because the head is firm and closely packed, the lettuce stays “naturally clean”. And thanks to its firm structure, romaine does not wilt so quickly, and remains fresh and crisp for longer. The best place to store mini romaine lettuce is in the salad drawer of the fridge.

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