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Turnips have been used as a vegetable since ancient times. Before the potato was introduced to Europe, the turnip was an important and nutritious staple. Turnips are delicious cooked, but also taste good raw. They have a very pleasant, mild flavour, rather like a cross between kohlrabi and radish.

Turnips are sown straight into the ground and can be grown in light soil.  They are harvested from June until late autumn. Because its leaves are very delicate, the Turnip can only be harvested early in the morning, when the leaves contain ample water and are in prime condition.

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If the Turnip is to be eaten raw, the skin should be removed. The leaves of the Turnip can be used in the same way as spinach. In some areas, only the leaf stalks (known as Rübstiel) are consumed. The root can be boiled like other vegetables, but tastes best steamed.

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