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Spring onions

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Spring onions are closely related to the common onion and, like these, are believed to come from Asia. We differentiate between two types that differ in shape. One variant is onion shaped, which makes clear its relationship to the common onion; the other variant has only a slim shaft and belongs to the spring onion family (allium fistulosum). In between there are numerous intermediate types that cannot always be decisively classified.

Spring onions are available throughout the year. Besides imports from Southern Europe (Italy and Spain), cultivation in Germany is of prominent significance. Spring onions are harvested with green foliage and for this reason have higher nutrient requirements than the common onion. Currently, German outdoor cultivation is concentrated in Southern Germany. Because of the balanced climate however, the cultivation of spring onions is recommended in Northern Germany because of the excellent characteristics.

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Although milder in flavour than cooking onions, the still flavoursome spring onion is a welcome addition to the modern kitchen as an alternative for cooking onions or chives.

Spring onions are rather unsuitable for storage. Although they will keep for a couple of days in the vegetable drawer in your fridge, they should however be consumed as fresh as possible.

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