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In the old days, cress was often the first fresh green vegetable available after the long winter period.

The organic cress from BEHR GemüseGarten is greenhouse grown all year round. The seeds are pre-germinated and then spread out on growing mats. The water cress germinates within hours and can be packed, ready for sale, in small transparent tray boxes just one week later. During the first few days, the young plant obtains the necessary nutrients exclusively from the reserves stored in the seed.  This means there is no need to use any fertilizer.

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Cress is consumed fresh and uncooked only. Drying or heating destroys a large proportion of the volatile flavour components of cress. Make sure when you buy that the cress in the box is a uniform dark green. If you leave boxes of cress standing open in the kitchen, the delicious aroma will fill the room.

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