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Round lettuce

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Round lettuce is the traditional butterhead lettuce. Its soft, tender leaves make it a delicate crop and difficult to grow. Although progress has been made in its cultivation so that today’s species are more robust, this has unfortunately compromised the desirable qualities of the lettuce. The original, tender variety is still often grown in Northern Germany.

Round lettuce was originally a very delicate type of lettuce, and high temperatures could quickly scorch the leaves. Northern Germany has a mild  climate, and high temperatures tend to be the exception rather than the rule. That is why we are still able to grow the more delicate species, which are more like original butterhead lettuce. Careful hand-picking and rapid refrigeration ensure that the lettuce stays fresh for a satisfactory length of time.

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Wash the lettuce thoroughly, but not for too long, under cold running water. The lettuce is best dried in a salad spinner. Now tear the lettuce into small pieces and prepare it for serving .This is the best way to preserve the vitamins.

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