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Let’s begin by putting paid to an old prejudice, namely the myth some shopping guides still put about that large kohlrabis are ‘woody’. This is not strictly true. If a kohlrabi bulb is woody, then it’s to do with the choice of species. An elongated oval or perfectly round bulb reveals that the plant was subjected to stress while growing, so pay attention to the external appearance of the kohlrabi next time you buy and look for a flat oval shape with a gentle dip on the top.

Harvesting kohlrabi is still a labour-intensive manual job despite all the technical progress that has been made. It is essential t prevent the underside of the bulb from being or soiled in the process. It is also important to protect the leaves, since they are an important indicator of how fresh the vegetable is.

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Usually only the bulb is eaten, but the leaves are also used in some regions of Germany. When storing kohlrabi at home, the bulb and leaves should be kept separate in the fridge. Kohlrabi is used mainly as a cooked vegetable, but is also tastes good raw with a dip.

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