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young potatoe "Annabelle"

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Potatoes are part of the solanaceae family, which also include such well-known members as tomatoes, aubergine and sweet peppers.

The potato originally came from South America and was grown by the Incas there around 2,000 years ago. It first came to Europe towards the end of the 16th century and quickly became a staple food here, especially for the poorer classes of society.

When we talk of “potatoes”, we don’t mean the roots, which is what you may think as they are grown in the soil, we mean the tubers that grow underground. It is easy to see that potatoes belong to this family as they turn green when subjected to light, i.e. chlorophyll forms in the outer tissues of the plant. Root vegetables don’t generally have this characteristic.

Potatoes come in a huge variety of different colours and shapes. The spectrum ranges from yellow to dark-violet and could be floury or waxy. Our Annabelle is a particularly early variety with a smooth thin skin. Its tubers are long and oval and mainly of medium size. An excellent potato with a firm, yellowy flesh, it is extremely tasty.



Ideal growing conditions for potatoes are usually light, sandy locations. This ground heats up quickly in the spring so it is particularly well-suited to growing early potatoes. Seed potatoes are planted around April time as the potato is generally sensitive to frost.

Annabelle do not have a set skin at harvest time, so great care needs to be taken when harvesting, i.e. a lot of manual work. Using a conventional lifting harvester with vibrating sieves would inevitably harm and damage the potato.



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Annabelle can be baked, steamed and grilled. They are ideal boiled in their jackets or in salads. After cleaning, potatoes should be cooked immediately or kept in cold water, otherwise they will turn a greyish brown colour. Young potatoes should be eaten quickly after purchasing. If they do need to be stored for a short time, a dark dry place with an air temperature of at least 5 degrees is ideal.

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