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Fennel is a well-known medicinal plant and vegetable. The fleshy leaf stems, or bulbs, are used as a vegetable. Ideally, the bulbs are pure white and basically round in shape. Fennel has a pleasantly mild, aromatic flavour. Fennel bulbs are sold washed and with the leaf stems cut short, so that only the finely feathered heart leaves remain. These are the ones with the most intense flavour.

Fennel requires consistent growing conditions, in other words, no extremes of heat or drought. In the summer months, Northern Germany’s temperate climate is ideal for growing fennel. Here at BEHR GemüseGarten, we grow fennel in the field. Because the harvested bulbs bruise easily, we take the utmost care during hand-picking and transport to prevent them from being squashed or knocked.

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To prepare, wash the fennel and remove the leaves, which can be chopped and used as a herb or garnish. Fennel can be eaten raw or cooked. A few drops of oil added to the fennel make it easier for your body to assimilate the fat-soluble carotene. For use as a cooked vegetable, fennel should be boiled in salt water for 15 minutes, but it also tastes good fried in a little butter.

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