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Lamb's lettuce

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Lamb’s lettuce can be grown in Germany without the need for additional energy input – even in winter. From November to March. This very tasty lettuce is one of the few crops available as fresh local produce. The entire floret of leaves is eaten. A sure sign of freshness is when the outside leaves are green, too.

Our organic lamb’s lettuce is only ever picked by hand. Although labour-intensive, this method ensures that the lettuce is carefully handled and that weeds do not find their way into the end product. During hand-picking, the florets can be individually sorted, which makes for better presentation of the product. 

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Avoid pulling the leaf floret apart when cleaning in order to preserve the volume of the lettuce and prevent single leaves from sticking together. Dry the lettuce carefully after washing because, if left moist, it will soon wilt. To keep it crisp and fresh, pop the lettuce in a plastic bag and leave in the fridge for ten minutes before adding the dressing.

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