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Iceberg lettuce

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Iceberg lettuce was grown in North America well over a hundred years ago. Its name probably dates back to the original mode of transport, when lettuces were covered with large blocks of ice to keep them cool throughout the journey. It was BEHR GemüseGarten that made iceberg lettuce popular in Germany in the 1980s. Today, iceberg is one of the most popular lettuces and virtually a staple in German kitchens.

BEHR GemüseGarten grows iceberg lettuce in the field all year round. Northern Germany is one of the best regions for growing iceberg lettuce thanks to the climatic conditions created by the proximity of the North Sea and the open terrain to the west.


In the winter half-year, our iceberg lettuce comes from Spain (Campo Cartagena). The climate in that region is suitable for growing quality iceberg lettuce. BEHR GemüseGarten also supplies organic iceberg lettuce.

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Iceberg lettuce will stay fresh for up to two weeks in the salad drawer of your fridge, especially if wrapped in cling film. Unlike other kinds of lettuce, iceberg can be combined with dressing well before eating. Thanks to its firm structure, it doesn’t wilt easily and stays crisp.

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