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For four generations now, the name of BEHR has stood for first-class vegetables and a relationship of trust and cooperation with our customers. Our sites all over Europe ensure year-round outdoor cultivation of vegetables according to the strictest guidelines. We implement sustainable, innovative growing and harvesting methods. We work with nature every day; we have a responsibility towards nature.


Rudolf Behr


Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Gresse)
Thomas Arndt
Lower Saxony (Rosenweide)
Ralf Dorka
Lower Saxony (Seevetal)
Lars Karnop
Hesse (Büttelborn)
Jirko Stiller
Hesse (Büttelborn)
Jens-Rudolf Behr
Spain (Murcia)
Javier Soto
executive Director
Jirko Stiller
Phone: +49 (6152) 92 751 0



Ohlendorfer Straße 83
21220 Seevetal-Ohlendorf


Tel.: +49 (4185) 79 33 - 0