Cultivation and Harvest

We harvest daily to order

We grow most of our vegetables out of doors. The plants grow in good soil in the open air. Because the weather is such an important factor in market gardening, our managers consult the weather forecasts several times a day and adjust their plant care and harvest plans accordingly. The managers are also responsible for the crops; they decide which vegetables should be grown and in what quantities.

Years of experience and careful manual work

Iceberg lettuce takes about one a half months to grow from planting to harvest. But who can say today how much lettuce will be bought in six weeks’ time? Our managers have many years of experience, which is invaluable for planning.           When our customers’ vegetable orders come into our sales department every morning, our managers decide what should be harvested. The picking and packing process takes place out in the field. The lettuces are cut by hand and inspected for quality at the same time. If a head is too small or the quality not up to standard, the lettuce is sorted out. The good heads are film-wrapped right in the field and labelled. They are then put into crates ready for delivery to the customer and taken to our logistics centre. The entire process is carefully carried out by hand.



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