Quality and Safety are All-Important

We aim to deliver safe products of the very highest quality. That’s why we submit voluntarily to external scrutiny. We invite independent experts to carry out quality checks in the field both during the growing period and harvesting, in the processing and packaging hall and during transport of our products. Our internal QA control system ensures that every stage of our food production process, from the field to the shop counter, satisfies our rigorous quality standards.

QS-GAP for every production operation

The aim of obtaining certification is be able to guarantee to our customers and consumers that the vegetables and salads we supply are of a high standard of quality. QS and GlobalGAP certification ensures clear and prompt documentation of production processes and also guarantees compliance with hygiene standards at all times. We have worked with a regular supplier base for many years and, instead of opting for group certification, have committed to obtaining individual certification for each of our suppliers. This ensures that the same high standards of quality are upheld in all our operations.

IFS for retail operations

The quality management system in place at BEHR AG conforms to the current provisions of the International Food Standard (IFS). This means that all work processes involved in the purchasing, sales and storage of vegetables are performed in line with stringent hygiene standards. Our staff ensure the retraceability of all activities with standard, clearly presented documentation. BEHR AG amply satisfies the requirements of the IFS.

Organic certification

A tried and tested, comprehensive control system covering all areas of vegetable production is also in place for our organic products. All of our organic suppliers hold appropriate organic certification.


AMG Agrarmanagement GmbH


Manager quality control:

Christian Franke 


Tel.: +49 (4185) 79 33 - 460

Fax: +49 (4185) 79 33 - 109


Mail: cfranke(@)amg-agrarmanagement.de   



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